Romantic Landscape 1

by Hubertus Dreyer

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Romantic Landscape 1 is the first of two longer piano pieces that deal with the sound of bells in my home town, using them as a kind of "projection screen" for certain personal experiences. Just as one can watch drifting clouds and dream the most fanciful images into them. The piece started with a small idea that visited me on a beautiful morning in May 1985; it was executed in some detail in 1986. Neither these sketches nor a recording of the work that I did then survived 1989. But I couldn't get rid of the memories – the piece kept haunting me –, and in the next two decades additional ideas appeared. Since September 2012, those wavering shapes from the vapoury mist again did enfold me & held me & and I endeavoured on a journey through the past, wandering through my spirit-realm and youthful leaves of grass, study days in Hamburg like some ancient, half-expiring lay and eighteen years Japan…

I would like to thank Sidney Corbett, a great composer to whom this piece is dedicated and who encouraged me more than anyone else to keep at the idea; Manfred Stahnke, another great composer, who provided me with an occasion to give a first performance of the work (on February 4th, in Hamburg), thus prodding me gently into finishing the work; György Ligeti who always believed in me – and I don't even know why; Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz who always commented on my works unerringly, open-mindedly and without prejudice; Mari Takano, my favorite living composer (as I have to admit), from whom I learned more about composition than I can tell; Hans Peter Reutter who keeps saving me from succumbing to depressions; Christine Wilhelmi, actress and non-musician who always showed deep interest in my music; Roland Sendel, roommate, serving with endless discussions in the kitchen; Miki Osawa who generously allowed me to take some of her music for a video about iPad-controlled christmas trees (it serves as a kind of Cantus Firmus from 7'12")… well, I'd have to name dozens of people as well.


released March 17, 2013
Piano Hubertus Dreyer. Artwork Miki Osawa



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Hubertus Dreyer Hamburg, Germany

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